Studio van Schuppen is the first studio in the Netherlands to record in DSD256!

There are many great reasons why Studio van Schuppen has chosen to use the world’s newest recording technology. The Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies has introduced high quality recording technology based on powerful and incredibly flexible network technology! They paired this exciting new machinery with the best AD en DA conversion we have ever used along with the clearest microphone pre-amps, which have an unsurpassed dynamic range and totally upgraded software. The result is unrivalled recording quality that has already produced impressive results in our studio.


Waterschans 20
3905 XR Veenendaal

T: +31(0) 318 - 82 09 16

About Studio van Schuppen

At Studio van Schuppen we believe superb music productions reproduce the experience of attending the ultimate performance over and over again to any audience at any time. To create these superb music productions, we are left with no option but maximizing the expressive “momentum” of the recorded performance and optimizing the end product’s capability to convey the intentions and emotions on hand.