Editing is a highly secure process. The best recorded material (referred to (in takes) is selected and all of the takes are combined together to create a perfect sounding whole.

Digital technology when used professionally allows for divergent material to be combined in an imperceptible fashion, a fantastic tool with endless possibilities. With these possibilities comes the danger that editing can lead to a collection of perfectly executed takes that sound as if they are an artificial collection of individual ‘moments’. This leads to a feeling of artificiality and discomfort in the listener.

At Studio van Schuppen we make accurate notes during recording sessions in order to edit in an exact and precise fashion but we always pay special attention to ‘musical’ aspects of the recording. A lot of attention is paid when editing to finding the right balance between sought after technical perfection and the required natural musical and human expressiveness.

Jochem Geene who has years of experience as a professional performing musician knows how to combine these two worlds in a way that always leads to an optimal final result.

Digital restoration

With our excellent mastering facilities we can make old recordings to sound as if they had been recorded yesterday.


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About Studio van Schuppen

At Studio van Schuppen we believe superb music productions reproduce the experience of attending the ultimate performance over and over again to any audience at any time. To create these superb music productions, we are left with no option but maximizing the expressive “momentum” of the recorded performance and optimizing the end product’s capability to convey the intentions and emotions on hand.