A DSD-recording (Direct Stream Digital) in combination with a Super Audio CD (SACD) delivers the best technical possible audio quality. Studio van Schuppen's recordings make you think you're actually listening to a live performance.


There are many great reasons why Studio van Schuppen has chosen to use the world’s newest recording technology. The Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies has introduced high quality recording technology based on powerful and incredibly flexible network technology!

They paired this exciting new machinery with the best AD en DA conversion we have ever used along with the clearest microphone pre-amps, which have an unsurpassed dynamic range and totally upgraded software.

The purchase of this new equipment has allowed Studio van Schuppen to take a big step forwards.

That it allows us to deliver even better recording quality than before won’t come as a surprise. After all, upgrading only makes sense if it really means improved results! This motto has been a central part of Studio van Schuppen’s business model from the outset.

Our conversion to DSD-Super Audio Multichannel has been a dream come true!

What does this mean for you?

At a time where the budgetary concerns of record labels, artists and consumers loom large, we are proud to have found a way to deliver higher quality results at the same standard rates and in some cases at lower rates than before.

Feel free to ask us for information or to make an appointment so we can show you our newest techniques and equipment free of charge. We are proud to have the opportunity to let you experience the results of our newest investments.


SACD stands for Super Audio Compact Disc.

This is a new format for preserving digital sound developed by Philips and Sony. The first SACD-player was introduced in 1999. The format is known for its likeness with the analog sound achieved before the introduction of the CD. However this format comes with serious benefits: it is digital and therefore not prone to the detrimental side-effects of analog recording like rumble, ticking or hiss like the LPs before the CD. Everyone who has listened to a Super Audio CD will recognize being moved by the naturalness of the sound and the sense of musical involvement.


SACD-discs cannot be played by regular "old" CD players. However, the "hybrid SACD" combines a SACD layer with a layer for a regular audio CD in one disc. Therefore, this hybrid disc can also be played in a regular CD player. But obviously, a SACD player is required to hear the sound in SACD format.


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About Studio van Schuppen

At Studio van Schuppen we believe superb music productions reproduce the experience of attending the ultimate performance over and over again to any audience at any time. To create these superb music productions, we are left with no option but maximizing the expressive “momentum” of the recorded performance and optimizing the end product’s capability to convey the intentions and emotions on hand.