Studio & Acoustics

At Studio van Schuppen you will find acoustically designed recording room (90 m2), control room (40 m2) and edit rooms, a fantastic Steinway & Sons model D-274, a superior collection of microphones, state-of-the-art (digital and analogue) mastering equipment and excellent monitoring (Studer, Crane Song, ATC).

To make a quality recording it is important that the space where the recording takes place meets several important requirements. Often these requirements are overlooked resulting in a recorded result that can be disappointing.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Excellent technical equipment is of little help if the space in which a recording takes place is unsuitable for recording. That is why Studio van Schuppen has paid special attention to the design of the studio, the materials used and how all of its components work together for optimal results.

The 80m2 recording space (with silent air conditioning) was designed for recording classical music.
Special attention was paid to its acoustics, which is of utmost importance for optimal results.


A terrible hazard when recording is the danger of unwanted sounds from outside the recording space being recorded by the microphones. That is why Studio van Schuppen has been totally sound proofed in a way that does not negatively influence the acoustic in the space itself.

Acoustic balance

Sound measurements and thorough testing of diverse materials after the long design and development period for the studio have resulted in a subtle acoustic balance. An acoustic which is too dry is undesirable for the musicians but a space that is over-acoustic creates problems for the technical aspects of recording that can become a real headache during the editing process.


For the best possible recorded result, sound waves should not be allowed to reflect while recording otherwise this will result in serious phasing issues. This is why the walls and ceiling of Studio van Schuppen have been built at varying angles in order to insure that the sound waves always reflect in another direction and don’t return to their place of origin.

This allows for a comfortable space for musicians in which to make music as well as a highly transparent sound for the recording engineer. This sound allows for accurate decision making about whether and how to color sound post-recording.

There are numerous advantages to our specially designed recording space:

  • Our technicians are entirely familiar with the acoustics in the studio so that they can make optimal use of the space.

  • The balance on microphones can be effectively achieved allowing for a quick start to recording.

  • Many microphone set-ups have been tried over the years and the best set-ups have been proven to work in highly divergent situations.

  • The climate controlled recording space means that instruments go out of tune less frequently.

Steinway & Sons Grand Piano

A beautiful Steinway & Sons Model D Concert Grand Piano in mint condition is also situated in the studio.

Control room

The studio is also home to a precision built and fully reliable control room (with air conditioning) where the entire recording process can be followed, which has won praise from experts on recording technique. Musicians often appreciate our natural sound reproduction system in the listening booth.


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About Studio van Schuppen

At Studio van Schuppen we believe superb music productions reproduce the experience of attending the ultimate performance over and over again to any audience at any time. To create these superb music productions, we are left with no option but maximizing the expressive “momentum” of the recorded performance and optimizing the end product’s capability to convey the intentions and emotions on hand.